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Designing custom multiple-choice assessments is super easy!
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  • In this sample you'll get asked 3 questions. At the end - based on your answers - you'll get your results.
  • This is an example of how to collect a text input from a student.
  • This is an example of how to collect an image 🖼️ input from a student.
    You can also request a video, audio, or even files. (If you try to upload anything but an image it will give an error.)
You can ask questions and route candidates based on their choices. Like this...
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We're reinventing education one step at a time. Here I will explain Mench's design as a learning platform and what makes it different that other learning platforms around.
  • Mench core belief is that all human goals can be broken down into a series of linear steps and that a large community can collaborate to reach consensus as to what are the optimum steps to achieve that goal.
    Where traditional search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) and personal assistants (Alexa, Google Voice, Cortana) are optimized to provide answers to simple requests, i.e.: “what’s the weather like in Texas”, “what the best Indian restaurant in town”, or “who won the last World Cup” - there is no service capable of helping users accomplish more complex requests such as; “how do I get hired as a full-stack developer at Airbnb”, or “how do I find a long lasting partner”.
    Although for every complex goal there are hundreds if not thousands of possible paths to achieve it, Mench believes there is always an optimum path which can be deduced via continuous iteration by a large community of contributors (as in the case of Wikipedia).
    The process of reaching the required consensus to determine an optimum path for any given goal or intent is called “mining,” and those that contribute to its discovery are called “miners.”
  • Mench is a personal assistant that is 100% trained by humans, meaning every message it sends you has been pre-programmed by what we call "Miners".
  • Mining is the process of reaching the required consensus to determine an optimum path for any given goal or intent. Those that contribute to its discovery are called “miners.”
  • We started working on Mench full-time in March 2017 out of a beautiful startup co-working space called Venture Labs located in Vancouver, Canada.
    Our first product was a training chatbot that could help job seekers learn the best practices to get hired at their dream job. Soon, we discovered that the true power of Mench was not just on training, but on assessing candidate skills, and on making the assessment process much more engaging than on traditional web-only assessment tools.
    To test this new thesis we invited over 500 candidates to apply to a theoretical job at Mench and the results we obtained were amazing. The average candidate spent over 1.5 hours answering questions and exchanging hundreds of messages with Mench.
    After one week, Mench was able to automatically identify the top 10% candidates that would best match our specific hiring criteria. Candidates enjoyed the experience because it felt like a fluid conversation instead of a dry series of forms and mutiple-choice questions.
    The ultimate realization of that experiment is what Mench is today, a tool that can save your HR department thousands of hours wasted in scanning resumes and calling unqualified candidates!
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