Let Mench show you who is best for the job

Mench is a powerful candidate screening and assessment platform that will help you quickly identify the best talent from a large pool of applicants.
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Integrating Mench into your existing hiring process is a piece of cake 🍰
  • By automating the process of identifying top talent, Mench will help you reduce the time it takes to make new hires and cut your HR costs.
  • Filter candidates using metrics such as years of experience, specific skills proficiency, level of education, overall company culture match score, and much more.
  • Mench helps you reduce hiring biases by recommending candidates based only on the merit of their individual performance.
  • Mench allows you to create highly customizable experiences that reflect your values and brand and encourage candidates to complete your assessments.
  • If you can click and drag you can use Mench. You can have your own custom assessment ready to go in less than 5 mins!
  • Assess proficiency on more than 20 programming languages and frameworks (Python, C++, ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular, Swift, etc.)
  • Ready made assessments based on job position (front end, back end, full stack, dev ops, etc.)
  • Add, remove, edit existing questions or create your own. Make your assessments as complex or simple as you want to.
  • Get detailed insights into each candidate's assessment results. Discover their strengths and weaknesses to help you make better hiring decisions.
  • Use your company logo to build trust and provide a consistent brand experience.
  • Mench can seamlessly integrate with most popular ATS systems. If an integration is not available, let us know and we'll make sure it works with your existing system.
  • USD $7 per candidate report
  • Only pay for candidates that complete your assessment
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • No credit card required to join
  • Get your first 10 reports for free!
  • Invite unlimited candidates
  • Valid until July 18th
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