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Action Plan contains 38 Steps:
Mench is a candidate assessment platform that works over Messenger.
HR managers and recruiters use Mench to simplify candidate selection, reduce HR costs, and find the 🌟best talent 🌟.
Integrating Mench into your existing hiring process is a piece of cake 🍰
  • Send us your job description
  • Get a custom candidate assessment built for free
  • Invite candidates to your custom candidate assessment
  • Identify top candidates via your dashboard
  • Contact top candidates for an interview
  • Get ridiculously high engagement
  • Leverage the tremendous reach of Messenger
  • Capture incredibly rich candidate performance data
  • Speed up candidate selection dramatically
  • Reduce hiring biases
  • Make the application process a fun experience
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Mench is open-source and non-profit.

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