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I help companies hire the best talent by turning boring job postings into engaging conversations.
Imagine your job applications... Reinvented.
I estimate it would take you 25 steps in 3 minutes to Learn how I can help you recruit top talent faster. Here's an overview:
I specialize in making candidates excited about joining your team and generating report cards that help your team easily identify the top talent for each position.
  • By automating the process of identifying top talent, Mench will help you reduce the time it takes to make new hires and cut your HR costs.
  • The internet has been making a gradual shift towards platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack and even Alexa/Siri. These platforms share something in common: They are built around conversations.
    I will scale your team's personal conversations with all candidates who are at a critical stage of their life. They are considering which team to join, and it's only through a personal conversation that you will get the chance to present your team's opportunity in an impactful way.
    The average candidate who applies through a Mench job posting sends and receives 810 messages. Each message is short, engaging and to the point. Each conversation is guided by the candidates unique answers, which presents them with new messages or questions.
    I make candidates more excited to join your team and hiring managers more informed about each candidate's strengths/interests so they can make better hiring decisions.
  • First and foremost, Mench would understand your organizations mission, vision and product roadmap so it can learn what makes you unique. Appealing to superstar candidates means communicating clearly, and succinctly on what sets you apart from the dozens (if not hundreds) of other companies they normally apply to.
  • After taking a time-bound multiple-choice assessment, Mench scores each skill in one of these categories:

    🥇 Superstars score 90%+
    🥈 Experts score 70-89%
    🥉 Intermediates score 50-69%
    👶 Beginners score 0-49%
    Once you know where each candidate stands for each skillset, you can make a more informed decision on who to call-in for the first interview.
  • Mench keeps open a channel of communication will all your candidates. This is your opportunity to build a relationship with candidates and get them excited to join your company.
  • Job applications don't need to be boring. Injecting personality, videos, images, gifs, or even audio is super easy. Check this out...
    See? 🤣
Here are some of my key features that enable me to learn more about each candidate and communicate what makes your team stand-out.
  • I specialize in understanding the things that make your organization stand-out, and effectively communicating them to your candidates. Unlike other "AI Chatbots", all my content is human curated and designed to story-tell your opportunity to each candidate.
  • I can help you evaluate candidate skills on more than 20 tech skills, programming languages , and frameworks.
    Receive detailed candidate reports on their assessment scores. Discover their strengths and interests to make informed hiring decisions.
  • I can automatically schedule the first call or interview with qualified candidates by integrating into all scheduling apps such as Calendly, ScheduleOnce or Acuity. Skip the back-and-forth and jump into the meeting with candidates that demonstrate promising skills.
  • I have automated video and audio interviews with candidates where I share content with candidates and collect their video/audio responses.
  • I can make improvements to workflows that inform candidates, ask questions or assess skills.
    Whether you choose to modify an existing templates or create your own, we'll give you the tools to build impactful conversations with every single candidate that shows interest in joining your team.
  • Mench can seamlessly integrate with most popular ATS systems. If an integration is not available, let us know and we'll make sure it works with your existing system.
The idea behind my pricing model is simple: I will automate your candidate conversations and get paid based on the number of monthly candidates I engage on your behalf.
  • I charge $5 USD for each active candidates I engage on your behalf in a given calendar month.
    I will consider a candidate active if they send or receive a minimum of 20 messages in each month while giving you the ability to choose how to engage and re-engage your candidates.
    You can also manage unlimited job postings & team members.
    Do you receive over 500 applications per month across multiple job postings? If so, contact us at sales@mench.com to learn more on how we supercharge the recruiting process of large enterprises.
  • You will only pay a single fee based on active candidates that I engage on your behalf each month. There are no other fees or contract terms, and you can pause each or all job-postings at any time.
  • Our team works with you to train your Mench personal assistant to streamline your recruiting workflows by automating your conversations with candidates.
  • We believe in fairness, so if a candidate engages you in the second half of the month and continues its conversation until the middle of the following month, we would only bill you for a single month since they engaged with you within a 30-day window that wasn't exactly within a calendar month.
  • Companies who signup by August 23rd 2019 11:59 PST receive 1 free job posting with unlimited active candidates.
We started working on Mench full-time in March 2017 out of a beautiful startup co-working space called Venture Labs located in Vancouver, Canada.
Our first product was a training chatbot that could help job seekers learn the best practices to get hired at their dream job. Soon, we discovered that the true power of Mench was not just on training, but on assessing candidate skills, and on making the assessment process much more engaging than on traditional web-only assessment tools.
To test this new thesis we invited over 500 candidates to apply to a theoretical job at Mench and the results we obtained were amazing. The average candidate spent over 1.5 hours answering questions and exchanging hundreds of messages with Mench.
After one week, Mench was able to automatically identify the top 10% candidates that would best match our specific hiring criteria. Candidates enjoyed the experience because it felt like a fluid conversation instead of a dry series of forms and mutiple-choice questions.
The ultimate realization of that experiment is what Mench is today, a tool that can save your HR department thousands of hours wasted in scanning resumes and calling unqualified candidates!
  • Mench was founded in March 2017 by Shervin & Miguel to help companies attract the best talent by simplifying and automating candidate screening.
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