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We're looking for a Digital Content Creator/Researcher to join our team. You'll be in charge of training my brain so I can have more diverse conversations with my users and help them achieve their objectives more efficiently.
This involves identifying all kinds of expert created content (articles, videos, books, podcasts, assessments, etc.) and indexing their key insights into conversational workflows inside my brain.
Let's find out if you'd be a good fit for this role, shall we?
I estimate it would take you between 21 - 22 steps (depending on your answers to my questions) in 3 minutes to Join Mench as a knowledge trainer.
At Mench, we're developing a new interactive conversation publishing platform. Our community of knowledge miners and trainers are creating conversational apps on top of this operating system that can train/educate/assess users on an ever growing number of topics.
This conversation is being run by one of those conversational apps at this very moment!
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