Social Networking. Reimagined.

is a Social Ideation Network where anyone can map & discover ideas.
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Collaborative Summarization
IdeasIdeas are the core unit of intelligence on Mench, are entirely public.

There is no such thing as a private idea on Mench, as we believe ideas don't have owners and belong to all of us.

Each player usually starts by summarizing ideas of a book or of their own, but eventually as you earn more coins and gain certain superpowers you can instantly join any idea and collaboratively improve it, similar to how Wikipedia works.
Open Source
Expert SourcesExpert Sources have a few options to share their IdeasIdeas :
- Use AmazonAmazon to publish BooksBooks which contain ideas
- Use Youtube to publish VideosVideos which contain ideas
- Use MediumMedium to publish ArticlesArticles which contain ideas
- Use SpotifySpotify to publish PodcastsPodcasts which contain ideas
- Use UdemyUdemy to publish Online CoursesOnline Courses which contain ideas
What all current publishing platforms have in common is that they require ideas to be packaged in a source to be consumed by the learner. At
we think that is crazy, because the main reason why learners consume the source is to learn the key IdeasIdeas packaged in the source, which is why we have chosen the idea itself as our unit of publishing.