Built to Last

And after 6 years of research, they released their findings in
Built To Last
, known as "one of the most influential business books of our era"
In the late 1980s, two Stanford University Business Strategy Professors discovered an unusually facinating pattern among 18 companies.
These companies had a median life-span of 100+ years AND had significantly outperformed the average stock market.
They wondered what made these companies achieve such an extraordinary result, better than 99.99% of companies in human history!
So like any other good scientist, they conducted a research project.
In this research project they created a control group of 18 other companies who also had a median life-span of 100+ years but less successful that the extraordinary companies.
They wanted to identify underlying characteristics of highly visionary companies and to effectively communicate findings so that they can influence management.
So they compared the 18 companies in the main group with 18 companies in the sample group.
This groundbreaking study reveals the simple but inspiring differences that set these visionary companies apart from their less successful competitors.
The timeless advice uncovered in this book will help readers discover the importance of adhering to a core ideology while relentlessly stimulating progress.
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