Reading slows the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Mental stimulation is considered one of the pillars of Alzheimer's prevention, and, as we all know, few things are more mentally stimulating than reading.
Unlike watching television or browsing the internet, this particular type of ‘mental gymnastics for the brain' keeps your brain active and engaged which can slow down the onset of symptoms in Alzheimer's patients significantly.
Researchers at the Cochrane Library, a scientific review board in the United Kingdom found that reading and other similar activities like playing chess or doing puzzles:
“improved scores on memory and thinking tests for those with dementia, equivalent to about a six to nine month delay in worsening of symptoms.”
With such long-term and life-altering consequences, not to mention a wholly enjoyable activity, shouldn't we all be prioritizing our reading a little more?
Even reading for a few minutes every day can help with these benefits.