The D-Day Analogy

Geoffrey MooreGeoffrey Moore give us an analogy from the Allied invasion of Normandy on D-Day.
The long-term goal of the Allied forces was to take control of a mainstream market (Europe);
It was currently being controlled by an entrenched competitor (the Axis powers);
In order to defeat them, we must assemble an invasion force of other products (the Allies);
The immediate goal is to transition from an early market base (England);
To a strategic target market segment in the mainstream (the beaches at Normandy);
Between us and the goal is the chasm (The English Channel);
We must cross the chasm as fast as we can and focus exclusively on the point of attack (D-Day);
We'll force our competitor out of our targeted niche markets (securing the beachhead);
Then take over additional market segments (districts of France);
Then finally, head toward overall market domination (the liberation of Europe).
There are four distinct phases you need to work through in order to launch a strategy like this: you need to (a) target your attack, (b) assemble an invasion force, (c) define the battle, and (d) launch the invasion.