Assess your full-stack programming skills

To help in our hiring selection process we've compiled a comprehensive assessment designed to evaluate your overall programming skills.
By taking this assessment you'll be exposed to the conversational training technology we're building at Mench, which incidentally, it's the very technology you'd help us improve if you end up joining our team!


Action Plan contains between 94 - 924 Steps (depending on your answers to my questions):
  • Learn how to access the Action Plan
  • Learn Mench navigation commands
Our assessment is divided into 3 sections; front-end, back-end, and dev-ops. Complete at least 3 assessments in total. ONLY pick the languages you feel most 👊confident 👊 with and SKIP all the rest.
Based on your score you'll be ranked within one of these 4 categories:

0-30% = "Novice" 👶
31-60% = "Proficient" 🥉
61-90% = "Expert" 🥈
90-100% = "Superstar " 🥇
⚠️It's OK to take breaks but please try to complete this assessment within 24 hours.
  • Share your front-end experience 0 - 91m
  • Share your back-end experience 0 - 125m
  • Share your dev-ops experience 0 - 15m
  • Rate your programming career 2m
  • Rate your computer science knowledge 2m
  • Rate your software engineering experience 2m
  • Rate your programming knowledge 2m
  • Rate your programming experience 2m
  • Rate your teamwork experience 2m
User, you're feedback is invaluable to help us improve Mench. Please rate your experience and, if possible, provide a short comment telling us your thoughts.
  • Rate your experience with Mench
  • Share your feedback about Mench 0 - 1m
I estimate it would take you 0.2 - 4.1 hours to complete this Action Plan.
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