Determine how good of a programmer you are

For programmers looking to test their coding skills, this Action Plan helps you assess different aspects of your experience so far and gives you the percentile you fall into compared to your peers programmers.
This intention has been inspired by various tools such as the Programmer Competency Matrix . It's designed with a broad range of programming questions, so no candidate is expected to score perfectly at it. Instead, these questions (and your answers) shed light on your strengths & weaknesses so you can optimize your job hunting process.


Action Plan contains 200 insights that will help you Determine how good of a programmer you are.
Action Plan references 3 Videos & 1 Tool from industry experts.
Action Plan quotes 4 industry experts including Sijin Joseph, John Haugeland, Matt Tran & Anne McLaughlin. They are not affiliated with Mench, yet their work has been referenced by our training team.
Action Plan estimates that it will take 1-2 hours to Determine how good of a programmer you are.
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