Assess yourself as a programmer

For programmers looking to test their coding skills, this Action Plan helps you assess different aspects of your experience so far and gives you the percentile you fall into compared to your peers programmers.
This intention has been inspired by various tools such as the Programmer Competency Matrix* . It's designed with a broad range of programming questions, so no candidate is expected to score perfectly at it. Instead, these questions (and your answers) shed light on your strengths & weaknesses so you can optimize your job hunting process.
* Expert Assessments: A comprehensive index of essential programming skills and a 4 level rating system created by Sijin Joseph & John Haugeland.


Action Plan contains 14 steps:
Let's evaluate your overall programming career experience.
  • Rate your practical coding experience
  • Rate your full-time employment experience
  • Rate your paid contract work experience
  • Rate your volunteer/open-source experience
  • Rate your experience with programming languages
  • Rate your domain knowledge experience
  • Identify what type of programmer you are
Computer science is the theoretical knowledge of programming.
This is something that not all jobs require so don't worry if you do not know all of this, but I will ask anyways just to get a better sense of where your strengths and weaknesses are as a programmer.
  • Rate your data structures knowledge
  • Rate your algorithms knowledge
  • Rate your systems programming knowledge
Let's evaluate your overall software engineering experience.
  • Rate your source code version control experience
  • Rate your build automation experience
  • Rate your automated testing experience
Let's find out more about your general programming knowledge.
  • Rate your tool knowledge
  • Rate your codebase knowledge
  • Rate your knowledge of upcoming technologies
  • Rate your knowledge of platform internals
  • Rate your programming books knowledge
  • Rate your programming blogs knowledge
Let's evaluate how proficient you are at writing great code.
  • Rate your defensive coding experience
  • Rate your error handling experience
  • Rate your IDE experience
  • Rate your API experience
  • Rate your frameworks experience
  • Rate your scripting experience
  • Rate your database experience
  • Rate your communication experience
  • Rate your problem decomposition experience
  • Rate your requirements gathering experience
  • Rate your source tree organization experience
  • Rate your code organization within a file experience
  • Rate your code organization across files experience
  • Rate your code readability experience
  • Assess your HTML experience 0-7m
  • Assess your jQuery experience 0-7m
  • Assess your Javascript experience 0-10m
  • Assess your Python experience 0-7m
  • Assess your SQL experience 0-3m
  • Assess your MySQL experience 0-5m
  • Assess your GitHub experience 0-5m
  • Assess your PHP experience 0-4m
  • Assess your Node.js experience 0-5m
  • Assess your JSON experience 0-5m
  • Assess your Java experience 0-5m
  • Assess your CSS experience 0-5m
  • Assess your AngularJS experience
Action Plan estimates 15-79 minutes to Assess yourself as a programmer.
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