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The original idea was conceived by Shervin Enayati in 2014 and further developed in conjunction with Miguel Hernandez, who joined the project as co-founder in March 2017.
Both founders invested CAD 25,000 out of their pocket to finance the project.
Shervin’s motivation to create Mench came from his frustration to find a centralized place for intent focused human knowledge. Whereas Wikipedia had succeeded at creating the largest collaborative encyclopedia (entity based) in the world, no one had managed to create something similar for complex multi-step human intents.
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Mench core belief is that all human goals can be broken down into a series of linear steps and that a large community can collaborate to reach consensus as to what are the optimum steps to achieve that goal.
Where traditional search engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) and personal assistants (Alexa, Google Voice, Cortana) are optimized to provide answers to simple requests, i.e.: “what’s the weather like in Texas”, “what the best Indian restaurant in town”, or “who won the last World Cup” - there is no service capable of helping users accomplish more complex requests such as; “how do I get hired as a full-stack developer at Airbnb”, or “how do I find a long lasting partner”.
Although for every complex goal there are hundreds if not thousands of possible paths to achieve it, Mench believes there is always an optimum path which can be deduced via continuous iteration by a large community of contributors (as in the case of Wikipedia).
The process of reaching the required consensus to determine an optimum path for any given goal or intent is called “mining,” and those that contribute to its discovery are called “miners.”
Mining is the process of reaching the required consensus to determine an optimum path for any given goal or intent. Those that contribute to its discovery are called “miners.”
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Mench stores all knowledge in 3 distinct and interconnected groups; intents, entities, and links. Intents describe goals or desired outcomes (i.e.: Learn to code in Java) and always start with an infinitive. Entities are any kind of object or asset, such as books, articles, urls, people, etc. Finally, links describe the relations between intents and entities. Creating, organizing, updating, or viewing either intents or entities, generates new links.
For instance, creating a new intent generates a link between the intent and its author (the author being the entity).
Because all content in Mench (intents and entities) can only be created or consumed by humans, links also represent human engagement with the platform.
Both intents and entities are organized using a hierarchical tree structure.
In the case of intents their hierarchy describes a path of probabilistic causation as determined via consensus by the Mench miner community.
For instance, for a given intent “Get hired as a full-stack developer” (the desired goal or effect) its child intents (contributors to the goal or causes) would represent the optimum steps in an optimum order to accomplish that intent. Ie: 1. Optimize your resume, 2. Apply to job openings, 3. Practice interview questions, 4. Attend interviews.
Every step is also an intent in itself and can have an unlimited number of children intents that contribute to their parent’s realization. Ie: “Practice interview questions” could have “Practice behavioral interview questions” and “Practice technical interview questions” and its children.
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