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Mench is an open-source and non-profit learning platform connecting intelligence miners to students who want to advance their tech careers.
This program would share everything you'd need to know about the Mench platform for miners and for students.


Action Plan contains 8 steps:
Mench is focused on advancing the careers of junior developers looking to join the workforce where their talents can help build the future.
  • Land a Job You'll Love with Mench
  • Grow your salary faster with Mench
  • Increase your time flexibility with Mench
Mench is a personal assistant that is trained everyday with miners who feed it with their research summary. It is learning everyday.
  • Connect with Mench on Messenger
  • Add your first intention to your Action Plan
  • Keep chatting with Mench and accomplish your intention
Action Plan estimates 3 minutes to Learn more about Mench.
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