Mine all intents from selected source


Action Plan contains 5 Steps:
Use the title and description to infer the main intents
For instance an article with the title "The ultimate guide to preparing for the coding interview" you would search for intents that contain "coding interview".
Select from the search dropdown the intent that most closely matches the main intents you identified.
If no matches are found you can manually browse the intent tree until you find a parent intent that matches the identified intent.
You can locate intents in two ways:
1- If you know specific keywords type them in the main search box until you find related intents.
2- If you can't find any related intents on the search box, navigate to the related intent tree and browse it to find the parent intent that matches the new intent.
  • Determine if the located intent tree needs to be rearranged
Messages are used to explain how to accomplish the given intent.
For instance, if the intent is "Practice interview question on Testdome.com" then the message should contain a link to the entity testdome.com and, if useful, instructions on what to do on that website.
If the intent is "Learn to negotiate a higher salary" you may want to add messages that summarize the main points required to do that negotiation and even references to entities (videos, articles, books, podcasts, etc.) that will help the student accomplish that intent.
Remember that you can add messages as text, video, audio, or images.
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