Understand how Mench Personal Assistant Works

Mench is a personal assistant that is trained everyday with miners who feed it with their research summary. It is learning everyday.


Action Plan contains 3 steps to Understand how Mench Personal Assistant Works.
Mench Personal Assistant works on Facebook Messenger. Think of it as an expert friend on a mission to advance your tech carerr! If you do not have (or want to have) a Facebook account, you can easily use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account:

Sign Up for Messenger, Without a Facebook Account | Facebook Newsroom*
The first question that Mench will ask about your intentions and try to find topics that it has already been trained on. Once confirmed the intention will be added your Action Plan so Mench can help you accomplish it.
Mench will continue the conversation and provide you with a step by step Action Plan that helps you accomplish your intention.
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