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What does Azure IAM stands for?
1. Azure Identity and Access Management

2. Azure Integrated Account Management

3. Azure Integrated Access Management

4. Azure Identity and Account Management
    You are trying to run a lambda local function in AWS Cloud9 IDE and you get an error stating that AWS Cloud9 is having trouble installing SAM Local.
    What would you do to fix this error?
    1. Write the following command to install sam and create a shortcut from the path that AWS Cloud9 expects:
    npm install -g aws-sam
    ln -sfn $(which sam) ~/.c9/bin/sam
    2. Write the following command to update sam and create a shortcut from the path that AWS Cloud9 expects:
    sudo yum -y update
    ln -sfn $(which sam) ~/.c9/bin/sam
    3. Write the following command in the terminal to create a shortcut from the path that AWS Cloud9 expects to where SAM Local is installed:
    sudo install aws-sam-local
    ln -sfn $(which sam) ~/.c9/bin/sam
    4. Write the following command in the terminal to create a shortcut from the path that AWS Cloud9 expects, to where SAM Local is installed:
    npm install -g aws-sam-local
    ln -sfn $(which sam) ~/.c9/bin/sam
      You have an SWF workflow that results in sending a user a confirmation text message; however, you want to update your workflow to send users an email or SMS message based on the user type determined earlier in the flow. How would you implement this?
      1. Create a lambda function that processes the workflow history and returns the email or SMS message.

      2. Create a decider in your workflow's coordination logic that returns a decision on whether an SMS message or email should be sent based on the workflow history.

      3. Create an activity worker that determines the communication method that should be sent out.

      4. Create an additional SNS topic for sending emails and configure the topic to only send to subscribers of a certain user type.
        You need your AWS CodeBuild process to work with resources that weren't configured by default. What step would you take?
        1. Modify the AWS CodeBuild service role to allow AWS CodeBuild to access and work with non-default resources.

        2. Modify the build definition to allow overriding the default build service exception behavior for resources.

        3. Add a filter in AWS CloudWatch to set an alarm when the build breaks.

        4. CodeBuild configuration changes would only require that you add pointers to the new services you'd like the CodeBuild process to interact with. CodeBuild does everything else for you.
          What does selecting the "Apply trail to all regions" in the CloudTrail console mean for the trail?
          1. CloudTrail will deliver log files from all regions to the same S3 bucket.

          2. CloudTrail will create a trail in each region that have their own S3 buckets.

          3. CloudTrail will log all SNS messages from other regions to this trail.

          4. CloudTrail will allow other regions read access to the trail.
            What are root user access keys?
            1. Harmonic tones defined by the root user when programming and controlling Amazon Alexa.

            2. Keys used for record level encryption in CosmosDB.

            3. Keys assigned to any new IAM user account and shared between that user and the root administrator account.

            4. Keys (an access key ID and secret access key) required to make programmatic requests to AWS services and access to the CLI.
              What is an AWS trail?
              1. An ongoing audit of events in your AWS account, including events for CloudWatch.

              2. A version controlled, historical view of configuration changes associated with an AWS account that are stored on a VPC.

              3. The path started by the Lewis and Clark expedition team that happens to lead straight to the Amazon headquarters and inspired the name of the CloudTrail logging service.

              4. A setting in CloudWatch that determines how long metrics remain in the metric explorer.
                What would you do to give a user permission to view the queues that exist and the ability to create a new queue?
                1. Give the user access to the AWS root account.

                2. Give the user full access to SQS.

                3. Give the user access to call the ListQueues and the CreateQueue API action.

                4. Give the user access to the AmazonSQSReadOnlyAccess managed policy.
                  How would you define the relationship between CloudTrail and CodeBuild?
                  1. CloudTrail is a logging service that captures all API calls for AWS CodeBuild as events, including calls from the AWS CodeBuild console and from AWS CodeBuild APIs.

                  2. CloudTrail is a service for creating a sequence of build/deploy events and logs each step for success or failure in CodeBuild.

                  3. CloudTrail is a serverless function that stores its transaction files in a CodeBuild S3 bucket.

                  4. CloudTrail is a console environment that connect to S3 and stores each input and output artifact from a CodeBuild build.
                    What does this terminal command do?
                    aws --version
                    1. Checks the version of the current AWS terminal.

                    2. Gets the version of the Cloud9 environment.

                    3. Checks whether the AWS CLI is already installed and returns the current version.

                    4. Checks whether an AWS environment is created.
                      How can you notify your development team when the state of the Pipeline changes?
                      1. Create a CloudWatch events rule to receive email notifications for Pipeline state changes.

                      2. Create a stage that uses the notify users option.

                      3. Manually check the Jenkins build logs.

                      4. Create a stage that pushes to an SNS topic.
                        What is the name of the dashboard area in CodeStar that allows you to configure builds?
                          What would be the Time To Live (TTL) for this message?
                          messageAttributes.put("AWS.SNS.MOBILE.BAIDU.TTL", new MessageAttributeValue().withDataType("String").withStringValue("86400"));
                            How does Amazon Cognito Sync allow users to read and write data without internet connectivity?
                              How can you look up CloudTrail events by a certain time range using AWS CLI?
                              1. aws cloudtrail lookup-events --start-time <timestamp> --end-time <timestamp>

                              2. aws cloudtrail lookup-events --lookup-attributes AttributeKey=<attribute>,AttributeValue=<string> --start-time <timestamp> --end-time <timestamp>

                              3. aws cloudtrail lookup-events --start-time <timestamp> --max-results 1

                              4. aws cloudwatch lookup-events --start-time <timestamp> --end-time <timestamp>
                                You can change the look and feel of your dashboard by adding, removing and reordering what?
                                  How can you identify messages within a queue independently?
                                  1. By referencing the body of the message

                                  2. By referencing the Message Identifier in the message attributes

                                  3. By referencing the message confirmation code

                                  4. By checking the application logs in CloudWatch for the unique identifier of each message
                                    When configuring the credential helper, which account role will it use by default?
                                    1. It will use the account specified in the CodeDeploy config file.

                                    2. It will use the default Amazon EC2 instance role for your development environment.

                                    3. The credential helper does not work with account roles. Its purpose is for registering SSH keys.

                                    4. It will use the role specified in the CodeBuild specification file.
                                      You have an application that uses Cognito for managing user access. This application has grown and requires maintenance from an IT administrator. How can you provide this administrator access to control Cognito without giving access to all other AWS resources?
                                      1. Add the IAM user to the Admins user group.

                                      2. Give the user the credentials for all AWS Cognito users.

                                      3. Give the user access to the root account.

                                      4. Give the IAM user access to the AmazonCognitoPowerUser policy.
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