Learn Computer Science in 5 Months - Week 01 - Python

Are you too busy to dedicate 4 years of your life to a traditional Computer Science Major? I've created a 5 month accelerated Computer Science curriculum to help you get a broad overview of the field, covering the most important topics in sequential order using the free resources of the Internet.
I've listed learning tips, Computer Scientists to follow, and a path in this video. I hope you find it useful, this is the kind of learning path I'd design for myself but I'm open sourcing it. Enjoy!
NOTE: This is Week 01 of the 5 month curriculum. When you join a class you'll be automatically enrolled on all the classes that comprise the entire Computer Science Curriculum as described by the great Siraj Raval.
WHY MENCH? Mench will put to in a online class with a group of like-minded students and help you move forward through he curriculum via a series of reminders and motivational messages. You'll love it!
Also, all classes are FREE. Pick a class and let's get started!

Skills You Will Gain

  1. An Accelerated curriculum that covers the fundamentals of a degree in Computer Science


  1. Commitment to invest 11 Hours in 1 Week anytime that works best for you. (Average 2 Hours per day)
  2. An internet-connected computer
  3. Fluent in English

Action Plan

  • Task 1: Set time to work on this week's tasks
  • Task 2: Check out the entire curriculum
  • Task 3: Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
  • Task 4: Take CodeAcademy's Learn Python course
  • Task 5: Submit progress report
  • Content By

    Siraj Raval

    I'm on a warpath to inspire and educate developers to build Artificial Intelligence. Games, music, chatbots, art, i'll teach you how to make it all yourself.

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