Practice 5 Coding Interview Tests from Google/Facebook

Skills You Will Gain

  1. Learn how to solve the most typical coding interview questions


  1. Commitment to invest 3 Hours in 1 Week anytime that works best for you. (Average 22 Minutes per day)
  2. An internet-connected computer
  3. Fluent in English

Action Plan

  • Task 1: How to Crack a Google Coding Interview
  • Task 2: 4 Hacks for Finding the Optimal Answer in Coding Interview QUICKLY!
  • Task 3: Amazon Coding Interview Question - K Closest Points to the Origin
  • Task 4: Google Coding Interview Question: First Recurring Charac
  • Task 5: Amazon Coding Interview: Count Negative Integers in Row/Column-Wise So
  • See All Tasks

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