Build a Decentralized Chat using Whisper on Ethereum

Peer to peer chat without using a server? We can do this using Ethereum's whisper library. This is a chat protocol that lets nodes chat with each other directly, no need for a central server. It doesn't even use a centralized routing source to let nodes discover each other like BitTorrent does with trackers, instead it uses a distributed hash table as a tool for decentralized peer discovery.

Skills You Will Gain

  1. You will learn how to create a instant messaging app using Whisper on Ethereum


  1. Commitment to invest 2 Hours in 1 Week anytime that works best for you. (Average 19 Minutes per day)
  2. Basic experience writing Ethereum contracts using Solidity
  3. An internet-connected computer
  4. Fluent in English

Action Plan

  • Task 1: Set time on your calendar to work on this project
  • Task 2: Download code for this project
  • Task 3: Do all the tasks on the tutorial
  • Task 4: Support Siraj on Patreon
  • Content By

    Siraj Raval

    I'm on a warpath to inspire and educate developers to build Artificial Intelligence. Games, music, chatbots, art, i'll teach you how to make it all yourself.

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