Linear Algebra for Machine Learning

In this class you will learn linear algebra which is fundamental in machine learning.

Skills You Will Gain

  1. Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Algorithms


  1. Commitment to invest 5 Hours in 1 Week anytime that works best for you. (Average 40 Minutes per day)
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Facebook Messenger

Action Plan

  • Task 1: Join any of these groups to get help from your peers
  • Task 2: Data Scientist: Reality vs Expectations
  • Task 3: Essence of linear algebra preview
  • Task 4: Vectors, what even are they?
  • Task 5: Linear combinations, span, and basis vectors
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    3Blue1Brown, by Grant Sanderson, is some combination of math and entertainment, depending on your disposition. The goal is for explanations to be driven by animations and for difficult problems to be made simple with changes in perspective.

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