Why Mench?

Student Base

Reach a growing community of Students who love learning with our weekly Bootcamps. Approved Bootcamps also benefit from personalized marketing campaigns designed to grow your Student base.


Our technology is designed from the ground up to maximize student engagements. MenchBot automates some parts of your conversation so you can take more students across the finishing line.


We work closely with our partner instructors to share best-practices for organizing their expertise into an effective "Action Plan". We share everything you need to know to build an amazing Bootcamp.

How it works?

1. Build

Do you have an in-demand skill that many are looking to learn? Like launching a website, podcast or Youtube channel? Build a weekly Bootcamp that would help Students make it happen once and for all.

2. Launch

Approved Bootcamps are promoted on the Mench Marketplace for an instant stream of students. Add affiliate earnings to your revenue stream by promoting your Bootcamps to your own audience.

3. Earn

Students join your Classes each week and can complete everything on their own or choose to build a deeper relationship with you and your coaching team. They may also upgrade at any time. We transfer your earnings via Paypal on a weekly basis.

Who is it for?

Industry Experts

Work with us to productize your expertise into an online Bootcamp that helps students gain your skills by taking action. Connect with others around the world interested in your knowledge, build a source of recurring revenue and transform lives.

Online Instructors

Upgrade your online courses into Bootcamps to empower your students to gain valuable skills by taking action. Earn ~50x or more per student by bundling personalized support with your content to dramatically increase student engagement.

Coding Bootcamps

Expand your top funnel and find qualified students by running affordable online Bootcamps. Increase conversion rates by giving students a taste of your service for a fraction of the cost while enabling students to join from anywhere in the world.