Web developer since 2016.
Abhay Sharma is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author, Udemy Best-Selling Instructor & an Online Business Coach. With over 38K students on Udemy from over 170 countries, Abhay is now helping trainers/coaches/consultants launch and automate their training programs. His expertise is Online Business Automation using the most reliable technologies. He also teaches the principles to make money on autopilot & have time freedom
Research Scientist at Facebook. My outstanding ability is developing solutions to computationally challenging problems; communicating them in written and oral form; and working with teams to implement them.
A blog by Karim Elghamrawy who has a PhD in Computer Science from the university of California, Santa Barbara. He had over three years of experience teaching CS to undergrads, over 5 years of experience doing research, and is currently working for a Fortune 100 company. He is largely interested in distributed systems, machine learning, fitness, and soccer.
Staff writer at The Muse. Sr. SEO Strategist at Hubspot.
I’m a 3D artist working mainly as an Environment and Prop artist for the animation, and the video games industry. In the past, I have also worked as a Character Rigger and a CG Generalist. I enjoy learning about every aspect of the CG Pipelines, always looking for new tools and processes to make my work better.
20+ years as a Career and Job Search Expert
Hi my name is Alvin Phang, since 2006 I have coach and trained over 25,000+ students in 140 countries and helped students generate as much as $30,000 in the their online campaigns in a month. Over 7,000+ readers gets my marketing advice daily @ & post daily marketing tips to 6,000+ follower @
Amarnath has a Masters Degree in computer science with around 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He has successfully designed and implemented projects for clients in South Africa, India and USA. Currently his main focus is on Datawarehouse Architecture.
I am passionate about problem solving, be it small fun puzzles or grand engineering challenges of the computing industry. For past 8 years I've worked on a number of engineering problems that include: High performance scalable systems Machine Learning Data Mining Advertising Data Analytics
co-founder of Triplebyte
Computer Science student with the highest mark of the year and proven leadership and communication skills and awarded multiple prizes in international algorithm competitions. I am working towards becoming a CTO in the future. I strongly believe that success derives from mindset rather than skill set. I created the course ‘Introduction to Algorithms and Data structures in C++” that helped over 8000 students from 130 countries with the first steps in the field. I know programming in Java, C/C++, Python, Haskell, including Software Development, Algorithms & Data structures, Test & Debug.
Software engineer with 12 years of experience.
Incoming Product Manager Intern @ Microsoft | Mechanical Engineering + Business @ UC Berkeley
Internationally-recognized recruitment executive, award-winning author, career coach, trainer, speaker, ideator, podcaster and founder & chief executive officer of milewalk, a prominent Chicago-based executive search firm.
Hey! I'm Andrew Bzhitskikh (I know, it's quite difficult to pronounce, so I removed the extra letters from the surname)... So. Hey! I'm Andrew Bzh. - Illustrator, graphic designer, and teacher of online courses in drawing. For more than 20 years, I have been working with illustration and photography. 7,000+ students are already studying for my courses. And I have something to tell you!
Software developer based out of Chicago, Illinois. Experience with HTML/CSS, Javascript (Angular), C# and SQL. Coach for aspiring software developers who are looking to get their first job and master their craft.
Software Engineer at Facebook
Aneel Bhusri is co-founder and CEO of Workday, Inc., a partner at Greylock Partners, and a member of the board of directors of Intel. His net worth is estimated to be 1.8 billion USD (2018)
Stanford University - Degree NameMaster's degree Field Of StudyComputer Science. Co-founder of Coding Ninjas
The Hippie Cat
Software Engineer at Google. Tech Interview Coach. Bachelor of Science Field Of StudyInformation and Computer Science,University of California, Irvine.
Experienced iOS Engineer with a demonstrated history of working for both startups and some of the best Fortune 500 companies (SkillShare, New York Times)
CEO @ Sora Web. Former software engineer at Intuit.
Catedrático de Psicopatología. Universitat de Lleida (Catalonia)
Anton Volney is a direct response copywriter and a LinkedIn profile writing expert. In plain English, he helps people make a jaw-dropping first impression on LinkedIn.
Software Engineering Lead. Master of Science (MS) Software Engineering from University of Oxford.
In 2013 I traveled to Burundi to teach at a computer science school for a month. After seeing how many talented people were totally disconnected from opportunities to realize their potential, I decided to help change this unbalance. Microverse is an online school for remote software developers. Our mission is to educate and connect one million people with remote jobs by 2030.
Ashik Manandhar is an award-winning lead engineer at Pocket Gems, a top developer of mobile-first games and entertainment with over 185 million downloads globally. He was the 3rd engineer to join the company and leads the platform team in designing and building new core technologies that act as the foundation for Pocket Gems’ next-generation, best in class games. Prior to Pocket Gems, Ashik worked at Sensing Systems, Intuit, and Intel. Ashik attended the University of California, Berkeley.
Azret is a Medalist in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)! Azret has a vast experience in teaching competitive programming - he has taught multiple medalists of Asian and International Olympiads in Informatics and been an invited teacher in one of the best programming bootcamps in Russia! Furthermore, Azret is an experienced problemsetter of regional ACM ICPC and National Olympiad!
Barbara Oakley, PhD, PE is a Professor of Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan; the Ramón y Cajal Distinguished Scholar of Global Digital Learning at McMaster University; and Coursera’s inaugural “Innovation Instructor.” Her work focuses on the complex relationship between neuroscience and social behavior. Dr. Oakley’s research has been described as “revolutionary” in the Wall Street Journal—she has published in outlets as varied as the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times.
Barry Nalebuff is Milton Steinbach Professor at Yale SOM where he teaches negotiation, innovation, and game theory. He is the coauthor of six books. Thinking Strategically and The Art of Strategy explain game theory. Co-opetition, looks beyond zero-sum games to emphasize the potential for cooperating while competing. Why Not? offers a framework for problem solving and ingenuity. Lifecycle Investing provides a new strategy for retirement investing. Mission in a Bottle tells the story of Honest Tea.
William Henry Gates III is an American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, and humanitarian. He is best known as the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation.
I'm On A Quest To Give You The Education You'll Never Get In School. When I was in college, I went to the dean and said "I feel like we're getting an outdated educatin!" All she had to tell me is...they're working on it! Since then, I've devoted myself to uncovering these "Insider Secrets", having read over 1000 books, while owning and operating a restaurant in between.
I am a .Net developer with over 15 years of experience building websites, services, desktop apps, and various other solutions. I've been teaching online education for the past 10 years and have various courses available in many different technologies. I am a full-stack developer with skills in almost all Microsoft technologies (esp C#.Net and ASP.Net/MVC). I love training and instruction, and working with students
I love digital marketing and everything that comes with it. I'm a partner of a successful digital marketing agency and I've done digital marketing for EU, UN, World Vision, Hennessy, Vespa, Corona Extra, Krispy Kreme, Canon, and Hyundai (just to name a few). I've been teaching digital marketing for almost 3 years now.
Indie Game Developer at Doborog
10+ years software developer. Owner of LetsBuildThatApp YouTube channel with 145K+ subs.
Best-Selling Author of "Teach Your Kids to Code", Computer Science Professor with over 25,000 students in 156 countries, Cybersecurity Expert, Director of Cyber Ops Education at the University of North Georgia.
Byte by Byte is your one stop shop for acing your coding interview.
UI/UX Designer with 80K subs on YouTube
Ranked 10th on the list of largest banks in the United States by assets. The bank has 755 branches including 30 café style locations and 2,000 ATMs. It is ranked 101st on the Fortune 500, 17th on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For list, and conducts business in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Co-Founder & Co-Chair of Women in Wireless 2018. Wireless Forum President 2017 and 2016. MSECE in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (1999)
For more than 40 years, CDI College has been one of the leading career training institutions in Canada, thanks to its commitment to quality education and the success of its students. Our rich history includes an alumni of thousands of successful graduates.
I'm a Cyber Security Professional and author numerous works including video courses, labs and books.
Mr. Duquette began his working career in the sciences, earning a B.S. degree in Biology from Georgetown University and an M.S. degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University. He spent roughly 20 years in the computer industry, first as a Software Developer, later as a Director of Software Research & Development, and finally as a consultant and business owner. Always having done extensive tutoring in Math and English, he decided to pursue an M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and was awarded his M.A. in TESOL by American University in 2006. He joined MEI in 2008.
Over 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube teaching how to take your confidence and charisma to the next level in the situations where you need it the most.
Freelance web/mobile developer since 2016. 1.9K followers on Medium.
Engineering at Stripe. Bachelor of Science (BS) Field Of StudyElectrical and Electronics Engineering, Penn State University.
Front-End Engineer at Entrepreneur Media
Christine Alvarado is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at the University of California, San Diego. Prior to coming to UCSD in 2012, she was an Associate Professor of Computer Science with tenure at Harvey Mudd College.
Chris is the CEO & Founder of Black Swan Group. Voss was a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force from 1986 to 2000. He was involved in monitoring of the TERRSTOP bombers after spending three years investigating the first bombing of the World Trade Center. He was the "co-case agent" during the investigation of the 1996 TWA Flight 800 explosion.
19 years of experience as a software entrepreneur, leader, and engineer. Founded and sold two startups (BillMonk, Precision Polling)
PhD at York University, Department of Psychology.
Clément Mihailescu is a software engineer at Google and the co-founder and CEO of AlgoExpert. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2016, he decided to learn programming and enrolled in Fullstack Academy, an immersive coding bootcamp in New York City. Upon completion of the program, he dove into the field of algorithms and aced the Google interviews. The frustration that he felt during his interview prep led him to create AlgoExpert.
Coderbyte is a web application with a large collection of coding challenges and algorithm tutorials that helps people practice their programming skills and prepare for coding interviews.
Codewars is an educational community for computer programming. On the platform, software developers train on programming challenges known as kata. These discrete programming exercises train a variety of skills in a variety of programming languages, and are completed within an online IDE. Codewars was founded by Jake Hoffner and Nathan Doctor in November 2012. The company has raised over $1 million in funding from a range of investors in the technology space, including Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., venture capital fund Venture51, Paige Craig and Brian Lee.
The Coding Tech YouTube channel has become a community hub for the software engineers, product manager, QA specialists and start-up founders where they can learn from others, share their views, interact and engage with like-minded people on various tech topics and latest development trends.
Developer and Designer who enjoys woodworking, kayaking, astronomy, and building stuff.
Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online.
IT Recruiter with over a decade of experience Recruiting in the IT domain for the Carrier, Consumer Product, FMCG and FinTech industry
For over a century, Dale Carnegie has been improving individual and business performance around the world. While our training techniques continue to evolve, our core principles remain true to a single vision: real transformation begins within.
Full-Time Lecturer at Maryland English Institute, University of Maryland College Park.
Is the author of six books about work, business, and behavioral science, four of which are New York Times bestsellers, and was host and co-executive producer of the 2014 National Geographic Channel social science TV series Crowd Control. From 1995 to 1997, he was the chief speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore.
Originally from Baltimore, Daniel received a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University and a Master’s Degree from the ITP. He is a director of The Processing Foundation and develops tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing and p5.js.
Dan Martell is an award-winning Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Clarity (acquired by Fundable), a venture backed startup that makes it easy to connect with top business minds over the phone. He previously co-founded Flowtown, a San Francisco based social marketing product which raised funding, grew to over 50,000 small business customers and was eventually acquired by Demandforce in 2011. In 2012 he was named Canada's top angel investor having completed over 33 investments with companies like Udemy, Intercom and Unbounce.
Learn to build decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain.
I have been teaching Photoshop since 1990 and have taught many thousands of people around the world. This is my full-time job and I dedicate myself to helping my students succeed.
Resume & Content Writer, Career Advisor, Talent Agent, Hiring Consultant. Founder at Résumé Raiders.
Dave Ruel is known as the Architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures that maximize profits and freedom. He's also the founder of Effic, a company specialized in entrepreneurial efficiency that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses become more efficient and effective by employing better, smarter, simpler working methods & systems. Dave is also a serial entrepreneur who h
David J.P. Fisher (D. Fish) is a sales expert, professional keynote speaker, and best-selling author. Building on over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and sales professional, he combines nuanced strategy and real-world tactics to guide individuals and organizations as they navigate and leverage the evolving landscape of sales.
CEO & Founder at Gargoyle Software. Sofware developer since 2010
Engineering leader having lead cross-functional orgs (~50 people) of several teams to deliver low-latency, high availability products to hundreds of millions of users, from v1 through to multiple product release cycles.
Award-winning writer, speaker, editor, video ideator, and online communications professional who also advises numerous startup and well-established technology ventures.
I make tutorials based on your requests. I will cover any topic you can imagine. I upload new programming videos on Saturday and Wednesday morning.
Self-taught software developer
Devpost (formerly ChallengePost) is a platform that helps software engineers participate in software competitions (hackathons) and find engineering jobs. Customers market their developer tools and jobs to the Devpost community. The company was founded in 2009. In 2010 it was named the official online "challenge platform" of the U.S. federal government, previously overseeing Michelle Obama's Apps for Healthy Kids challenge in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Devpost customers include Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Atlassian, Twitter, and others.
VP of Engineerings at Athelas, we are making point of care blood testing dramatically more accessible through applied Computer Vision and Deep Learning. We are funded by Sequoia, Initialized, and YC. Our devices capture images of your blood smear, and our software segments, analyzes, and classifies each blood cell present to return your White Blood Cell Count and your Absolute Neutrophil Count. If you're interested in working at the intersection of software, ML and healthcare, please reach out!
I coach job seekers and career movers and shakers of all ages how to find and land their dream jobs. While teaching marketing and branding classes at 2 universities, I discovered my bright talented students didn't have a clue on how to find and land a job when they graduated. I teach live workshops, boot camps, seminars, and webinars, and provide personal and group coaching, on the 6 key steps in the process of building your personal brand so employers and recruiters call YOU!
Head of Software Engineering
High Performance Career Coach - Author of 3 #1 Books on Job Interviewing | Founder - Job Interview Tools, LLC
Hi, I'm Don, and I run the business analysis firm, NorwalkAberdeen. We develop online and on-site training, coaching, and professional development programs for Business Analysts. I have about 15 years of experience in the field. Before starting the firm, I ran the BA Center of Excellence for Citigroup's private bank. Before that, I managed teams of BAs there, and before *that* I was a PM/BA with Morgan Stanley.
Learn web development coding custom websites from scratch with tutorial lessons and complete responsive website templates.
Front End Software Engineer at Symphonic Distribution.