Any transaction content pointing to a URL must be referenced to a parent entity indexing the base domain of the URL. This helps us group URLs based on domains by having an entity representing each domain. Each subdomain is treated as an independent domain.
&var_weight= string in the child connections define the relative value of each source type in the calculation of the overall mined source % in the table in stats page:
Note if Updating: Also exists in Facebook Library. Search "DEFAULT_GRAPH_VERSION" to find it.
This is the parent entity used to describe any entity further. It explains how things work and how their functionality is integrated in the Mench platform.
Each mass action has been manually coded in the en_miner_ui.php file (the UI) and in the Platform_model->en_mass_update() function (the processor) to function properly. Each newly added mass action must be added to those two files for processing.
It's grandchildren will have their links played in embed widgets offered by its child entity platforms.
This is because our Algolia quota is reset monthly on the 6th so the 5th is a good time to do a last sync before it counts towards our newly reset quota.