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Learn in-demand skills from industry experts by completing weekly Bootcamps. Tuition ranges from $0-163 per week based on support package you choose. We guarantee results by refunding students who do the work but don't accomplish the Bootcamp outcome by the end of each week. New classes start every Monday at 00:00 PST. (in )

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Mench Bootcamps Offer:

In-Demand Skills

Mench Bootcamps are inspired by the most popular digital skills in-demand. We research the hottest industry trends and collaborate with experts to produce weekly Bootcamps that will give you practical experience.


Leveling-up your tech career does not have to interrupt your busy schedule, which is why Mench Bootcamps have an estimated number of hours required for completion. Choose when to do the work based on your own schedule.

Outcome Guarantee

We promise that following the Action Plan will empower you to accomplish the Bootcamp's outcome, which is why we offer a refund to students who do the work but do not accomplish the outcome. Learn more »