The Problem With Happiness

Happiness is not a solvable equation. Dissatisfaction and unease are necessary parts of life. Suffering is inevitable. It sucks, but it's also useful. It teaches us what is good for us versus what is bad for us. It teaches us how to avoid making the same mistake in the future. It nudges us in the right direction for beneficial change.
To chase a problem-free life means we lose the benefits of experiencing healthy doses of pain, and thus, improvement. Problems never stop; they merely change.
Don't hope for a life without problems, hope for a life full of good problems.
Everything requires sacrifice – the things that make us feel good will also inevitably make us feel bad. What we gain is also what we lose.
Happiness requires struggle, but we get to choose the struggles that will bring us the greatest joy.
If you want a good body, you must choose to struggle through hours at the gym. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must struggle through risk, uncertainty, and dedication to a business that may not work out.
You can't have a life without pain, so instead, ask yourself – what is the pain that you want in your life? What are you willing to struggle for?